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Hey guys, two more projects coming in soon.
Some speedcore, as usual, and something more relaxing.
It'll be my first time that I make something smooth and I hope you'll like it.

New projects almost achieved...


2010-08-21 19:52:54 by DualityGod

Due to the fact that I had no more access to my internet , I was not able to post my new songs on the audiio portal. But now it's back, and I'm done.

New Song

2010-07-18 11:42:41 by DualityGod

Hey, there's a new song coming for you, pretty much like the first one, maybe a bit different.
As soon as Dark Midnight's Rain was finished, I strarted this one. I'll see what I'll call it after it's finished.
( You could also take the time to check my other song. Don't forget to vote/write a comment! )

New Song

Talking about Immortality...

2010-06-08 15:21:08 by DualityGod

Any fellow scientist in here? Do you agree os disagree the topic of physical immortality?
Of course, I agree with the idea of immortality, since I studied to find it (duh).
I also started the never ending quest of knowledge (thus the need for immortality).

Talking about Immortality...